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Yoyal (Taidea)

О бренде «Yoyal (Taidea)»

“Yoyal” is the brand of TAIDEA TECH(ZHONGSHAN) CO.,LTD was established in 2013, specialized in working with outdoor tools. After 39th Cologne Fair and 115th Canton Fair of this year. TAIDEA took this opportunity to attend the trade show to develop the emerging market successfully with “Yoyal”.

Beside to dedicate the products and exchange the experience, TAIDEA pays more attention to advertise the “Yoyal” to loyalty customers from all over the world.

During the show, TAIDEA members offered customers a detailed introduction of “Yoyal” brand, to convey the spirit and philosophy of “Yoyal”. “Yoyal” spotlights on its lightweight and portable design. Letter “Y” of “Yoyal” likes a bird flying, which is the primary of the design, combines with the sport actions of climbing, skating, running and riding. Meanwhile, explain the brand meaning of“Walk with Joy” and experience the natural, to transit the value of the positive freedom.

“Yoyal” has a good expression to our customers and gradually receives orders. The demand for “Yoyal” products is increasing. TAIDEA sticks to its good quality and best service in the whole life.

“Yoyal”obtains the public’s praise when it is launched out. After the trade show, TAIDEA will continue to create much more superior and portable outdoor products for providing better service to our customers. TAIDEA will have a prospered future within our concerted efforts.

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